Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What? I can't hear you.

Here is one of my all time worst pet peeves. I am on my lunch break at work. I am walking down the hall with my earbuds in and I am listening to something on my iPod. One of my co-workers who hasn't bothered to say a word to me in about 3 months suddenly feels the need to communicate with me. I see their lips moving but I can't hear them. I am thinking to myself, "This is my private time. Do I really want to explain that I am listening to music and can't hear them or do I pull the earbud out and ask them to repeat what they just said?" I do the nice thing and pull out my earbud and tell them I didn't hear what they said.

If you see me with my iPod and I have my earbuds in please understand, it's not personal. I am having my time and I am in another world. I generally don't want to talk at that very moment. Give me about 30 minutes and I'll be happy to chat.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hawks and Rain

The rain is a welcome sight. It is also making me very sleepy. Tomorrow the air condition repair guys are coming to install a new air conditioner. Hopefully it will be more energy efficient.

Yesterday my co-worker Bill Pieper spotted my hawk girl on campus. She picked up a live squirrel about 10 yards from him. He saw her later perched with her kill. I love squirrels but this hawk has stolen my heart. I am left in complete awe when I see her hunting. I can't even explain it. I hope she comes back to this side of campus soon as I am not able to leave the building most of the time. I wanted to share the awesome pictures my co-worker took. He is a truly great photographer and I wish I had his skill. Special Thanks to William R. Pieper for sharing his awesome photos with me.

Photo courtesy of William R. Pieper

Photo courtesy of William R. Pieper

Photo courtesy of William R. Pieper

Photo courtesy of William R. Pieper

Photo courtesy of William R. Pieper

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day Dad!

USS Lipan

I wanted to do something special for my dad today because it's Veteran's Day. I am not sure that he reads my blog even though I have sent him the link several times.

As some of you know, my dad is a Vietnam Veteran and served in the Navy for 3 years. I can't imagine how my mother must have felt during that time. My sister was born when he was away at war. I still have the message that was sent to my dad's ship announcing her birth and that she and my mom were ok. My mom told me that while she was pregnant my dad mysteriously had morning sickness and he was a million miles away. I am sure she was very happy to have him home safe and sound when he was discharged.

A few years ago I was working night shift and surfing the "internets" and I was curious if there was anything about his ship online. I was very surprised that there was a website just for his ship which was set up by one of his Navy friends Rich Tetrault. I was so excited when I e-mailed my dad to tell him I FOUND YOUR SHIP!!!!!!! I found people who served with you! I found friends you haven't talked to in years! I could barely wait for him to contact them and catch up. I have no idea why this hit me this way. If anything my sister would have more ties to that time period. It must have been because I read all of the letters my dad wrote my mom while he was away. She kept them all neatly tied with ribbon in the cedar chest. Wow, it makes me tear up even now.


Dad is on the right laying in the bunk

So, my dad made contact with his Navy buddies and started going to Navy reunions. He just came back from the reunion they had in  Hawaii where he was stationed during the war. I even got a chance to meet his friend Rich who started the website for his ship. Very nice man. I thanked him for his service and thanked him for being a part of getting my dad home safely.

Rich and Dad

Navy guys nowadays

I can't imagine being in the military, even for a short amount of time. I am proud to have a father who served unselfishly, courageously, and proudly. Thanks to everyone who served our country and especially you Dad. I love you.

Friday, November 4, 2011


So, I didn't get a chance to talk about Halloween. I had an absolutely wonderful time. That day I went to see if there was anything on the rack at Goodwill for costumes. I was surprised that they weren't cleaned out. I found one for myself and Russel even though I wasn't 100% sure he would wear it. After a quick run for extra candy for the gobblins Russel and I put on our costumes. I still can't stop smiling thinking of the both of us, grown up and old dressing up just to hand out candy. I loved every second of it. It was probably one of the best Halloweens I can remember. I loved getting out of my normal routine of just taking the day off to watch scary movies. I still love to do that but this was great. I enjoyed hearing all of Russel's devilish plans for next year to scare the kiddos. So, I have to say thanks again to Russel for indulging me and dressing up and having fun with me. I love you!

Midnight fairy type person

Midnight stalker type guy