Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween for the kittehs and goggies

 Here are some of my favorite doggie costumes. They are such good goggies sitting there posing.

I think if I had to dress Bella and Ranger up these are what they would be:

Ranger is a STINKER

Bella would look great as Snow White

Now I have a hard time deciding what Dinah should be. Of course Russel would have final say. I would never dress her as a suicide bomber but I had to include the costume on here because it's really poor taste and well, you know me.

Hello Kitteh


Princess Kitteh fits well into her tiara.


Might be a little frilly

Halloween is almost here

Here are my favorite human costumes I found so far. I think the Army guy is the best! :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sadness and thankfulness

Sometimes it is difficult to look beyond your own sadness to see the things you should be thankful for. September has always been a very unlucky month for me. It seems to be the time when I have car accidents, people that I love get sick, terrorist attacks, arguments evolving into crisis, wildfires, and saying goodbye to Fraggles.

I read a post on a blog this morning that made me both very sad and also thankful at the same time. I felt terribly sad for this woman who lost someone she loved unexpectedly. I am just an anonymous person she doesn't know, but I wished at that point I could have told her she was in my thoughts. Hopefully just my silent thoughts and prayers will reach her in some way.

I still miss my Suzy Fraggle very much. I miss being away from Bella and Ranger because I am going to be housesitting for a little while. As much as I miss the pups I usually end up missing Russel even more. (Don't blush Russel, they know I'm crazy about you.) During my difficult month Russel has been my hero. I just hope that I said thank you enough for everything he does for me. I am so very fortunate to have him in my life.

I am hoping that my favorite month of October will be better. I am so looking forward to vacation and a great Halloween.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbye my Fraggle.

I had to make a very difficult decision last week. I had to say goodbye to my Suzy Fraggle. I have been needing to write about this to help heal but, I start and never get past the first few words. I have to keep trying until I finish though.

I adopted Suzy Fraggle when she was about 1-2 years old from a gentleman who trains drug recognition dogs. He found her at the dog pound and since she was great with a reward ball he thought she might do well in the program. She was pretty spastic though and she eventually failed out. I adopted her at that point. He warned me that she was dog aggressive but I fell in love with her and I would try everything I could to get her to accept my "pack" at home. Eventually she did very well in becoming one of the pack. Then she began challenging Bella to be the Alpha Dog. I figured once Bella reinforced her Alpha status Suzy would fall back into place. Unfortunately she didn't. Suzy just wasn't happy when anyone was paying attention to Bella now. She began growling at my sister for no reason when I wasn't there.

She also began having seizures at this point. I was willing to do anything to keep her from having seizures but the vets said it would be best to not put her on medication until the seizures were closer together. One day when my nephew and I took her to the lake for some fun, she had a seizure when she was in the water. It was a very scary thing to watch and try to help her through. Last week I finally had enough money to buy her a life jacket so she would be a little safer in the water in case she had another seizure.

I took her to the lake and she enjoyed being there every second. It was just her and the rocks at the bottom that she insisted on moving around one by one. When she finally rubbed the pads on her paws raw I knew it was time to go home. She walked beside me all the way up the huge hill to the truck. Usually she is running and pulling ahead of me. When we got home she got a bath to get rid of that fishy lake smell. Everyone was relaxing and she attacked Bella again for no reason. It was a very brutal thing to watch and try to get under control. I knew I was beaten. I could not guarantee at this point that she wouldn't hurt someone or someone else's pet if I found another home for her. The four years I had her and worked with her to socialize her and relearn how to not be aggressive was all undone that night.

I made the very difficult decision to put Suzy Fraggle to sleep. I am still not at peace with that decision and every single day I second guess myself and wonder what I could have done differently. Not that it matters anymore because I can't bring her back. I have a lot of guilt that I am dealing with because she was my Fraggle and I feel like I failed her. I hope that she is at peace now but I doubt she will ever forgive me.

I'm sorry Suzy Fraggle. I hope that you have found peace where you are.


Saturday Russel flew me to Fredericksburg. I had a lot of fun despite the ear pain. I swear it would trade my ears in for bionic replacements any day!

We planned on eating at the Diner there but when we landed and walked up to the door we noticed a sign that said they would be closed for a private event at 3:00pm. It was 2:45pm. :-( We stayed long enough for my ears to go back to normal and then we headed back to Georgetown.

I got some great shots of Lake Travis while we were in the air. I took video of the take off and landings for Russel, so I will have to upload those here eventually. It's very difficult to keep the camera from shaking up there!

Enchanted Rock

By the time we landed in Georgetown I was somewhere in between extreme pain and extreme hunger. It took twice as long for my ears to feel better this time. Russel did an excellent job though. I was kind of off in my own world. Thanks Russel. :-)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Flapping goat ears and stuff...

Goat ears

I love this picture of the goat's ears flapping in the wind. He was way cute. It kind of reminded me of a dog riding in a car with his head out of the window.

In other news, I wish I was off today. The weather is finally cool enough to walk outside without feeling like you are on the face of the sun. I am hoping that Cody Park isn't too busy because I want to take Suzy Fraggle to the lake and try out her new life jacket. It's green...of course. I just hope she doesn't freak out and try to get it off.

Lots of wildfires started yesterday. My heartfelt thanks to all of the hard working firefighters trying to keep these evil fires contained.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture of the Day 9-2-11

My view every morning before work.


I've got Apple fever. I know...I never thought it would happen. I have been so anti-apple for so long it's hard to belive.

I recently went to a meeting where one of the attendees had her iPad to type her notes on. We've known each other for years so, of course I was comfortable looking over her shoulder and asking her questions about it. To top it all off she had a green cover on it. My eyes naturally gravitate towards green. She also had a green purse which kind of made me giggle.

Now I have a goal! It might take me a few years to save my pennies and nickles but I will have of these days. I have an awesome computer, an awesome iPod, an awesome camera, a not-so-awesome cell phone so the only things left to buy for my ultra-gadget loving mind are the iPad and an iPhone. Ok so there are many more toys out there I could have, but these are the ones I want.

Now, once I get the iPad... I have to get the icade. That would cover me having to get a full sized arcade version of Galaga. LOL.