Sunday, April 24, 2011

Red-tailed Hawk

 So, every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of this absolutely wonderful hawk on campus right near our building. I kept thinking to myself, "Dangit! I wish I had my camera!" One day after work when I was walking to my truck I saw this huge shadow on the pavement of a bird. I looked up and there she was. She had something in her talons but I couldn't tell what it was until she turned around. It was a whole squirrel!!!! I felt really terrible for the squirrel because he was unfortunately still alive but wow! I have never seen anything like that so close.

Yesterday I saw her perched on the scoreboard on the track field across the street and again I didn't have my camera. Today I though I would throw in a point and shoot because if I brought my hot-rod camera she wouldn't show up. I went out on my lunch break and there she was swooping onto the scoreboard. I ran in and got the point and shoot and ran back out and managed to snap a few blurry pics before she flew off and started gliding towards the big stadium. I saw her up there perched on the top railing.

She's pretty dang awesome. I can't wait to get better pics of her. I didn't know what kind of hawk she was but I looked up Red-tailed hawk and the pictures look just like her. And of course I started reading about them and found that the females are 25% bigger than the males. Well, she's the first I have ever seen so I don't have anything to compare her to so, I am merely guessing.

More pics to come and hopefully they will show how awesome she really is. :-)

I also found a link to a live web cam of the Red-tailed hawk "Violet" and her mate "Bobby" who are nesting on their eggs at NYU. Click here

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Up Close and Personal...Texas Stars vs. Oklahoma City Barons

I have been kind of busy lately planning a project and being extra lazy after raking leaves for 2 days. But, I wanted to share the awesome pics I took with Russel's camera at the last Stars home game on April 9, 2011 . He got us ultra-awesome seats right in front and on the aisle. It was a spectacular treat.

Russel is that you????? Nope..#14 Stephen Schultz

My favorite picture from the game: # 38 Francis Wathier
#13 Ray Sawada

#31 Richard Bachman

#26 Cody Chupp and #4 Brenden Dillon

#20 Ondrej Roman and #13 Ray Sawada

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stars vs Chicago Wolves

On April 1st Russel and I went to the Stars hockey game. I had a really good time so I wanted to share some pictures I took with Russel's camera. The game was great even when the Ref called a goal when clearly, the puck never made it into the goal. I almost had to chant with the crowd, "REF YOU SUCK! REF YOU SUCK!" The next game is Saturday and I believe it's the last of this season. I will miss going to the games. :-(

Ghetto-tacular Lawn

This is not anything like what my grass looks like. I am trying to work on it though. Yesterday I spent about 3 hours raking and bagging leaves. I have 3 more piles to go! Ugh. Here is a word of advice for anyone considering using rocks in landscape work. If you are lazy like me and want a quick mowing of the lawn and nothing else, don't use rocks...especially that crappy lava rock stuff. Yeah it looks wonderful and clean when it goes in but then in the fall when the leaves get all embeded in it, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the leaves out of the rock beds. If you rake or use a blower the rocks get swept out with the leaves. I think I just want grass everywhere and maybe some mulch around the base of the trees.

So, this is what I will be doing little by little...hopefully if I don't get too lazy or sore. :-)