Monday, March 31, 2014

The Broyhill Brasilia China Cabinet is really mine!!!!!!

I finally have it in my kitchen. The Broyhill Brasilia china cabinet. I found one in my price range and I am 100% happy with the price I paid. Something told me to check good ole craigslist early one morning when I got to work when I usually wait to get to my console and get set up before I do any surfing. I saw that it had been posted at midnight so I almost started shaking thinking that I could be the first to respond. I sent an e-mail immediately and then followed up with a text. I was really nervous because I #1 hadn't talked to Russel about it and #2 I wouldn't be able to pick it up until later in the week and we all know what happened last time I had someone hold a piece for me. I sent an email to Russel with links and all of the "Pretty Pleases and Cherries on Top"

I received a text message back and we discussed a time frame and a promise to hold. I ensured him that I was 100% committed and I would be there. I checked with him throughout the week and what a nice guy. He held it for me, helped us load it and after talking about mid century modern for a while he agreed to be on the look out for more Brasilia furniture for me. I love it!!! Meeting people with the same goal. I was so excited bringing it home. 

When we got home we were fixing to unload it and carry it in the house, our neighbors across the street walked over and actually volunteered to carry it in the house for us. Wow. We rarely talk to people in the neighborhood because we are kinda hermit-like. These guys were really nice and helpful. It would have been very heavy for me to carry it in. They really liked Russel's arcade and were very impressed with his carpentry skills. 

The next day I took off from work and I convinced Russel to go vintage shopping with me. We visited a shop and were talking to the owner about my recent purchase. He knew the gentleman because he offered to sell it to the shop for resale but he only offered him an obscene $300.00 for it.  I thanked him for not offering him more because the price would have more than tripled if he sold it in the shop. While we were there we met a couple and started talking about Brasilia. He recognized my craigslist post attempting to locate more Brasilia furniture to refinish and also from the woodworking website. I was excited because I wasn't sure anyone had even seen it. Russel was laughing at my new found fame in my rather small circle of Mid Century Modern fans in a Retro shop. LOLOL. 

Schumi posing with the Pyrex
 Here is our new kitty Schumi hanging out in front of it. He is a ham. I love the way my Pyrex looks in it. So, what a great way to spend my tax return. I can't wait to find more pieces. I just need more money.