Monday, May 7, 2012

Kennedy Books

The last two books I read were pretty good. Very different ends of the spectrum but I enjoyed them both.

The first was about the White House Intern who had an affair with John F. Kennedy. I found her story similar to Monica Lewinsky in that both women were caught in the middle of presidential power and the charisma of the men at the head of the free world.

The second was about The Secret Service Agent assigned to Mrs. Kennedy. You may remember him from the Zapruder film. He climbed on the back of the presidential limousine after President Kennedy was shot. I really enjoyed the transformation Mr. Hill made from the beginning of his assignment to the end. He speaks very highly of Mrs. Kennedy and there are no secrets he revealed about her which was refreshing. Today there seems to be extreme focus on those who wish to give a juicy tidbit  away for everyone to read.

NASA & Roger Waters The Wall

NASA & Roger Waters The Wall. They have nothing in common, but I enjoyed both. I needed a vacation. It was getting to the point where I would wait until the last possible minute to get out of bed, get on the road, and get out of my truck to go to work. I know when I start doing that it's time for a break.

I started off my vacation with a garage sale at home. I did pretty good. Even got rid of two of my long boxes of comic books that I didn't want. That helped free up some space in my tiny over stuffed bedroom. Ranger and Bella were ready to help. Ranger had his Magnum P.I. outfit on which I later sold. :-) The purple sticker on his forehead says "FREE"

Ranger as Magnum P.I.

Off to Houston we go. We visited NASA and it was surprisingly cool and not too humid. I was excited to see the old Mission Control. Of course it looks much smaller than what you see on TV or in the movies. I think NASA should hire me to work the Comms. I could rock the International Space Station. :-)

That night we went to the Roger Waters concert. I was excited since I missed out on seeing Pink Floyd in concert. This would probably be the closest thing I could hope for. I still wish I could have heard David Gilmour sing Comfortably Numb.