Monday, January 23, 2012

My Sweet Bella

This past week I got a phone call telling me I needed to go home because my doggie Bella wasn't walking. I rushed home and wisked her away to the local veterinarian. When I called to get her an appointment I was told that they didn't have one available until 3:00pm that day. I was very worried that Bella was in pain as she was shaking which was out of character. I asked the receptionist if I brought her in, could they give her some pain medication until the doctor could see her. She said yes. When I arrived they took her to the back and said they would keep her comfortable until the doctor was available. I left her, walked out to the truck and completely lost it. I was fine until I had to leave her behind. 

When I got home the Vet called me back and said that it looked like a disc herniation but to be sure she would need a CT scan and that would have to be done by the specialist. I asked her if she had deep pain sensation in her rear legs and received a few varying answers. I asked her if it was possible to do crate rest and steroids as an option. She said it was an option but there was no way of telling if she would recover after that time period. I asked her if this was a time-critical situation and she said it was. Perhaps she wasn't skilled in advising owners of options for treatment in this situation?

I spoke with my sister and told her everything the Vet explained to me. She felt that this was more time-critical than the Vet expressed. My sister is a wiz a medical stuff. I was more confident in her knowledge than that I was with the Vet I had just paid $45.00 to diagnose and keep her comfortable. My sister's explanation was much more reasonable. The longer the compression the disc has on the spinal cord the more degeneration occurs. So, she told me to get the referal to the specialist. 

My sister and I picked up Bella from the local vet a few minutes later. She was still in pain and scared. I asked them if she had been given any pain medication at all. They said she had not. I didn't have time to be furious about that until later. 

We met with the specialty vet in Round Rock at the Heart of Texas Specialty Vet Clinic. I found out later that this practice bought out the old Animal Emergency Clinic that I use to work for. After meeting with the doctor, we authorized a CT scan to ensure that it was in fact a herniated disc. I had to leave her there again and my stress level was through the roof. After we got home, the doctor called and confirmed it was a herniated disc and they would be going into surgery with her which would last about 2 hours. He called back about 2 1/2 hours later and said that she was doing fine and the surgery went well. If she didn't have any complications I could pick her up Saturday. 

After work I went to pick her up and she was completely out of it. She was still really groggy from the anesthesia. I think she was happy to be home again. I still felt terrible for having to leave her somewhere strange. That night when it was time for bed I put her in the kennel and put the kennel on top of the bed next to me in her usual sleeping spot. She stood in protest for about 30 minutes. So, I put her next to me with the kennel on the other side to keep her from moving. She slept very comfortably through the night. 

It's Monday and everyone at work is back from the weekend. I sent an e-mail through the chain of command requesting special permission to bring Bella to work. Keep in mind, other employees have brought their dog to work without asking permission and no one has said anything to them. I thought I would, "do the right thing" and ask permission. 

I was sorely disappointed when my request was denied. I have worked for this department for 15 years and taken on extra duties without extra pay, helped out, busted my ass and tried to do the best job possible. While other employees seem to have the power to reorganize the entire department based on their romantic relationships within the department on more than one occasion. 

So, my initial reaction was a feeling of hurt and betrayal from the "family" at work. That is what I hear from the top of the chain of command. We are a work family and we take care of each other. Ok sure. My second reaction was ok, I am completely done doing anything above and beyond my job duties for this department. No more extra projects, no more coming in early or staying late to help out. I will do what I am assigned fairly across the board and not one tiddly bit more. They wonder why people hate working here? These are just a few words that come to mind at this moment: selective rule applying, hypocritical, and unstable. So, yes you can pay me to be a part of your "family" for 8 hours, after that I am on my way out of this mental hell to my real life.

I will not apologize for my feelings and my thoughts. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A small addiction

I have a new addiction. Nail polish. I have been searching all of my local stores for nail polish on sale and discounted. I have a small but awesome stash going. I have watched some tutorials on YouTube and looked through several nail polish blogs.

I still have to master water-marbleing and stamping, but I have found some colors that I really like. 

Water marbleing

I have done galaxy nails a couple of times and if I stare at them long enough, they do resemble galaxies or nebulas. 

Galaxy nails

I suppose you could say, "She has a lot of time on her hands if she can paint her nails all different colors." but, it has been a fun, de-stressing activity for me. So here are some pictures from the internets. I hope to start taking photos of my own work soon. :-)

Sally Hansen Wet Cement
Sally Hansen Ivy League
China Glaze For Audrey