Friday, May 31, 2013

Forgotten Hidden Treasure

Yes, I know it's been half a century since I wrote anything. I am sure no one even reads this anymore but just for my happiness I wanted to write about my newly found forgotten hidden treasure. 

A few weeks ago I talked to Russel about painting one of my end tables I brought when I moved. I needed a project. One day when I was surfin the inner-nets I wanted to see if I could find a match for the end table for cheap. Of course I had no idea who the manufacturer was. I searched and searched and finally found something close. It was made by Kent Coffey. Then I discovered the name for the era I have been trying to re-create subconsciously all along. Mid Century Modern. Late 60's through mid 70's. I hit the jackpot. It was Broyhill Brasilia furniture and I almost cried when I found the first end table for over $500.00. Then I remembered I left my long dresser that matched at my aunt's house. I nearly cried again when I searched and found one for over $1600.00!!!! Why was I so sad? I had both pieces painted in my early 20's because the paint was coming off and I wanted something darker. Then I realized who cares!!!! I owned two of these beautiful pieces and they were mine mine mine. 

Actual Broyhill Brasilia Commode. 

Broyhill Brasilia Dresser. Mine is not in this condition yet.

I begged Russel to let me keep them as our bedroom furniture and of course he is so awesome he said of course we can keep them. We discussed having them professionally refinished but I am going to try first. I've never refinished a piece, I've never even stained a piece of furniture before and I've never even sanded a piece of furniture before. But, I have an expert in woodworking afterall. He build an arcade and doggie stairs for Bella all by hand. 

I remembered long long ago taking the drawer pulls off so it could be painted and I remember not putting them back on. Back to the inner-nets I go in search of replacement hardware. *GASP* Each pull costs no less than $75.00. I currently need more Kleenex because of my past treatment of my awesome furniture. 

I am trying to make ammends. Here was the first step. Sanding off the paint and stain it was covered in. I am only two days in so hopefully I will post more photos as it progresses. 

Top and side


I have been searching for the hardware at antique stores, thrift stores, ebay and etsy. Maybe one day I will happen upon them again. Or I will win the lottery and be able to buy a set of 6. But I'm keeping my furniture!!!!