Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lunch Date

My Squirrel buddy lunch partner. She's very sweet.

My nails

So, I am still trying to get better at my manicures. My nails are thin and peel when they get too long. I try to keep paint on them to make them a little tougher. Here are some of my latest tries.

This is a green and black swirl that I really loved. It was hard to get good pictures of it. I will try to get better pictures in the future.

This was my "Girl on Fire" I used China Glaze Liquid Leather base coat and then China Glaze Capitol Colors Electrify

This is my "Drum Set" mani with China Glaze Liquid Leather base coat and China Glaze Dorothy Who? It reminds me of Russel's drum set.

This is the China Glaze Liquid Leather base coat. I think black nail polish looks great on me and not "goth" at all. :-)

I've been busy reading

Yep, for the most part, I've been reading and doing my nails. I have been training at work so anything that will take my mind off of that helps. Training really takes a toll on my brain. So here's what I have been reading lately.

This was the first Stephen King book that I have actually read. I liked the story, and the characters but I kept waiting and waiting to get to the actual assassination attempt. I was disappointed with the ending and felt like it ended very abruptly especially after so much was put into the character interactions and development.

I am not sure why I started reading this but I am glad I did. I know stories about dogs, especially working dogs usually makes me cry and I was reading this on my lunch break at work. I cried but it was a great story.

It didn't take me long to read this trilogy and I found it very entertaining. Although it was a quick read I thought the characters were great and I am always a sucker for a strong female lead. She kicked butt.