Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bella Update

Bella before surgery

So, it's been 20 days since Bella's back surgery. I had some doubts that she would walk again because her left leg just wasn't working. We are doing Physical Therapy at home, moving her little doggie legs to get them back in shape. Now she is pulling away with both legs and gets pretty pissy that you are messing with her. Not in a bad way, of course. She's such a sweetheart she doesn't complain much. 

We were helping her walk with a sling around her tummy so she could go potty and stretch the legs and then one day we didn't have to anymore. She is still a little wobbly but she is walking unassisted for short periods of time. When we put her down on the floor she thinks she can run like the wind. Then she shakes her ears out and her legs give out from under her. She just gets right back up again and keeps moving.

She comes with me when I go see Russel and has learned to enjoy the ride in the truck again instead of instantly thinking we are going back to the Vet. She and Princess Dinah are buddies. Dinah came over to sniff her and got a nice doggie lick on the nose. I was shocked that Dinah didn't seem to mind at all. I think Dinah gets excited when she comes over because she likes to poke her head in Bella's suitcase and find the doggie food. 

Princess Dinah in glorious black & white

Ranger still gets upset when Bella leaves with me. He has started tearing up his own bed, blankets, trash cans and doing a courtesy pee on the floor just for your amusement. He is 100% Dachshund. The funny thing about Ranger is that he has been in the lap of luxuary his whole life. Sleeping in a cushy human bed at night, his own room during the day (bathroom), meals on a schedule, fresh water, a clean yard to poop in and lots of love. Bella on the other had didn't have such a great life before she came to me. I can see in her eyes that she is appreciative of what she has. And a little pushy when it comes to making sure she has her place in the bed. 

It's a smile not a growl

I found out that my nephew Juan promised to say some rosaries if Bella got better and walked again. He followed through with his promise and I have to say, he's a good kid. 

I am happy that Bella is doing much better. Bella is happy to have her legs back. Step by Step, Paw by Paw she will overcome this and have a smile on her face.

Wink Wink