Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spoiled Green

Yes I am still in Jr. High
making hearts with his name in it.

Cute green present.
 I have to share. If you don't already know, I am spoiled. I am completely spoiled. I was surprised yesterday by my awesome handsome boyfriend. I am so lucky to have someone who treats me so well.

I have to tell you the story behind the surprise though. It all started with a shopping trip a long long time ago with my sister. We were looking at sale items and I stopped in the purse section for some reason. I don't usually buy new purses because I can find them at Goodwill and I can abuse them and not feel terribly bad about it if I spill a 32oz Monster inside of it. There is no way I could fathom spending hundreds of dollars on a purse. Well, I found an awesome Chaps purse that was green and had an accent of blue on it. It was awesome. I didn't buy it because I just couldn't justify spending money on a purse. The one I got at Goodwill was perfectly functional. Everytime I would go to Kohls I would stop by and look at my favorite purse, and never buy it.

Pantless Donald Duck
A few weeks ago I went with Russel to Kohls to find some new shorts. We walked around the whole store before leaving just to make sure there wasn't anything we couldn't live without. I could see it all the way at the other end of the store. The green purse was out on display. I stopped and admired it again. Russel says it was completely me. I still couldn't justify spending anything on it because I am trying to get out of debt. LOL.

Yesterday was surprised when I opened my eyes to see my beautiful green purse in my lap. I promise not to put anything liquid anywhere near it! It's beautiful. I don't even want to put it down anywhere.
The most awesome-ist green purse ever!

Thank you Russel.
You make me feel so very special.
I love you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unhealed wounds

I have discovered that I have a wound that hasn't yet healed. I knew in the back of my mind that it would surface again and it has. Last week our department released our After-action report about the shooting which occured on campus last September. This report shows the things which went smoothly and things we need to improve upon. There are things which, in my opinion are not 100% accurate but they are there. This document was drafted by our department and not some outside source, so someone somewhere thought something didn't work right.

I wasn't sure I was ok with the media getting a hold of this and I made an effort to not watch the news reports on tv. Today I was reading a website I check from time to time about dispatching. It mostly features stories about poor decisions made by dispatchers. It was on the first page of the site and it bothered me that it was there.

Dispatch Monthly

Perhaps it is just my self inflicted guilt. My name isn't listed by the mistakes that I made in this report, but when I read it, I somehow add it. It feels like it's out there in blinking neon lights.

I suppose only time will heal. Well, time and no more media reports.

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Tunes

There is this really cool machine at the local H.E.B. I am sure most people are familiar with it but I have never used one until yesterday. The Coinstar.

This machine is pretty amazing. In the past I have taken my coins in a bucket to my bank where they count them and give you the exact amount for free. Well, the coinstar is kinda cool because you have the choice of getting gift cards for places like Itunes, Amazon, Lowes and Starbucks. If you choose to get cash back they charge you 9%, which in my opinion is a complete rip off. I'd just take it to my bank and get all of my money back in dollar bills. Anyway, Russel convinced me to scrounge up all of my spare change, which wasn't much and we would go cash it in for Itunes. I finally did it! I cashed it in and a few of Russel's coins. I was surprised when it said 13 dollars. Then Russel pointed out how many pennies I had. 666 pennies because 2 of them were glued together and couldn't be used. LOL.

There was an album I had on my wish list for a while so I was really excited that I could actually buy it on Itunes. I was a little disappointed that they charge tax on Itunes. I am just wondering if there is anything that isn't taxed in some form or fashion.

So here is the album I bought. The Best of Chess Records. If you have seen the movie Cadillac Records then you have heard most of the songs. The best of the Chicago blues circuit. Etta James, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly and of course the Howlin' Wolf. 
 So, if you have spare change hanging around I'll take it if you don't want it. I accept pennies!!!! Next time I'd like to have more or less than 666 of them though. :-)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ok Enough Already!

It's hot. No wait, it's hot as hell outside and it doesn't look like there will be any change in the near future.


I am so ready for fall to come. With my luck it will be hot in October. I hope not because I am super dooper excited that I might get to go to the Texas State Fair. I've never been but I heard it was a lot of fun.

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been busy with a super secret squirrel project. Hopefully it will be finished soon though. :-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Longest week ever

I am not built to function like some of my coworkers. They are ok with giving up days off to work overtime or they work double shifts and seem to function perfectly fine. I am not like them.

Indulge my need to pout. To make a long story short I have been at work too many days in a row and I am training a new dispatcher. Altogether, 15 days working with 1 day off somewhere in there. Russel says I shouldn't think of it that way. LOL. It feels that way right now. Schedules like this completely mess up what you accomplished by going on vacation in the first place. By day 14 you feel like "Animal" from the Muppets.

People start asking you why you are so short-fused. Then when you explain to them they insultingly say,"Aww poor baby can't handle working a few extra days?" Hey butthead! You are the one who asked why I am grumpy. I explained it. And by the way, no I don't like working a few extra days. I prefer to enjoy my life AWAY from work.

That's the story for this week, and last week too. So, on my days off I want to accomplish a few things like sleeping late, taking some pictures, and working on a project I've been neglecting.

Thanks for reading and listening to my whiney butt. It helps.