Monday, January 6, 2014

More decorating

I have a very patient husband.

We were in Lowes the other day and I put a pretty funky floor lamp in the basket. When he looked at the display I could see concern on his face. I told him to trust me and if we hated it we could put it in the spare bedroom and force our guests to look at it. When we got it home I promptly began putting it together. When it was all put together I was even more pleased. It looked absolutely great in it's space. It reminded me of a Verner Panton Moon Pendant lamp. Of course nothing could be as fabulous as an original Panton piece it made me happy and that's all that matters!

Verner Panton Moon Pendant

My fabulous lamp from Lowes

I have been looking for an original piece of Verner Panton fabric to hang over the bed. It's nearly impossible to find something in my price range. I am cheap when it comes to decorating. My sister used to make fun of me because I never decorated my apartment. Now that I have a fabulous room with completely awesome furniture that I love it's hard not to want that vision in my head to come out to the real world. So, though I am drawn to Panton's Kurve piece, I will have to do without. I found a pretty fabulous piece of fabric from Holland that is going to absolutely rock that furniture to the next level. I can't wait for it to come in.
Verner Panton Kurve
We also hung Russel's ship painting that I felt completely guilty for taking down when we moved the Brasilia dresser in. It looks so great over the door chest. It looks vintage to me because every man I ever knew growing up had a picture of a ship on the wall. I love it.
I also hung the Brasilia panels I found on that old headboard. I think they look great next to the new Mardella night stands.
Bella is hiding on the bed.
The room is coming together. I absolutely love it. One of my fun projects is to paint something inspired by a mid century modern art piece. I am contemplating a Panton inspired piece but let's be realistic. I am only in the kindergarten stage of painting. While we were at Michaels I found this vintage inspired puzzle that looks great on the bookshelf. $3.00 was right in my price range.

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