Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Broyhill Brasilia Mirror Attachment

I know it's been a while since I have posted anything about my beloved dresser. I finally got around to putting the mirror back on it. 

Unfortunately over the years I lost the rails that attach the mirror to the dresser. The mirror weighs at least 50 lbs. so I knew it would need something substantial to hold it in place.

So, we went to Lowes and looked around for something which could substitute for the original rails. We found a couple of Rubbermaid Fasttrack rail systems designed for the garage to hang heavy stuff up. It came with a black plastic cover but once removed it would be perfect.  We also got a couple of bags of #10 screws

photo courtesy of rubbermaid.com
 So, I pulled the dresser out from the wall to see what I had to work with as far as existing holes. I found this:

So, I tried some pliers first and just got frustrated. I didn't want to mar the backing anymore than it was. Google how to get a broken screw out: Use Visegrips!!!!!!!! Keep in mind, Russel was unaware I was piddling around with it and I am sure he would have just got it out in a jiffy. 

Proud moment


After I was feeling all confident and ready I put the mirror on the bed and lined up the rails. I couldn't tell if they would line up with the existing holes or not. Around that time Russel comes in and is kinda forced to help me. YAY! 

 We attached the rails to the back of the mirror and then put it on the dresser to see where the holes would line up. 
Unfortunately Russel had to drill some additional holes. He also drilled an additional hole at the top of the mirror. We had to be careful not to attach just to the backing of the dresser as this would not hold the weight of the mirror. 

 When we were all done. It looked amazing. I was very surprised that the mirror stain matched perfectly. 

I will admit that once we got it cleaned up and in place I got a little misty and could almost hear the dresser say, "Thank you for putting me back together."

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