Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello 2015

I realize it has been months and months since I have written. I want to get every caught up. Its a little difficult to refinish furniture in Texas in the middle of summer so I put it off until fall but then I got lazy and we were dealing with sickness in the family.

I ended up picking up some new pieces of Brasilia and I couldn't be happier with them. The first was the round cathedral coffee table. 

This is a mix of different styles but it feels comfy and homey

It's not in terrible condition but eventually I might haul it out to the garage and refinish it. 

The next two pieces I found at our local Savers store. (Like Goodwill but a bit cleaner and better cared for) They were given to Savers after sitting in a warehouse for years. Before that they were floor models at at furniture store. I will admit that the color was not my favorite. I sent my husband pictures and his first response was, "Don't bring that home." Well, it was in such good condition I just fell in love with it. I had to convince him. Meanwhile, I was fighting off a few other women who were interested. It was getting so bad I had to send my nephew to find an employee so I could tell them I wanted to buy it. After that I convinced Russel that we could flip it if he absolutely hated it. It turned out to be a Kroehler couch but I couldn't find a production date.

Schumi trying out the new chair

When I found my round Brasilia coffee table I also found the smaller Brasilia china cabinet and I had to have that too. It would work perfectly for our DVD's and BluRays. So we made a trip to Dallas and picked up both pieces. I was in Brasilia heaven!!!! The smaller china cabinet has some scratches on the top of the bottom piece but I am willing to live with it for now. Its a beautiful piece. It really is. 

Then one day I am searching the innernets and came upon this small Brasilia side table. It has a pretty big ring on the top but I was certain this would be my next piece to refinish. Then things got a little busy in the real would and I put off all of my extracurriculars. :-(

So along the way, I inherited my grand mother's desk. Now when you look at this desk you may think....oh this is nothing special and it doesn't even have matching drawers but it's pretty special because it belonged to her. I never met her but my sister was spoiled by her and she seems like a really cool chick. I hear stories of her racing her '57 Chevy convertible down long stretches of highway between Austin and Colorado City. Sounds like someone else I know. But this is what I am working on now. I started yesterday. My arms are so sore. 

After 2 hours of sanding this is as far as I got. 

So, now that I am being productive again I feel much better. Plus I have some things that are waiting to be refinished down the pipe. 

I sold the couch and chair I bought at Savers for quite a bit of money. I think even Russel was surprised. It took a few days to get a bite but I think the amount was reasonable considering it was a Kroehler and it was in outstanding condition. 

Russel and I took the plunge and ordered some custom furniture. Well, it was mostly me kind of begging Russel to take a chance. We ordered the Hughes sectional and chair through Joybird Furniture online. We are supposed to get it in early to mid February and I can't wait. 

The sectional looks green but its actually blue with green accents. I think its going to be absolutely beautiful in our house. 

I am still on the hunt for the Brasilia lingerie chest. One day the mythical chest will be mine!!! 


  1. Hi! Are you still looking for the Brasilia Lingerie Chest? We are getting ready to sell one in Albuquerque if you are interested.

  2. Actually yes I am. I am not sure how I can get it to Texas but how much are you asking? Please feel free to e-mail me at utpd911@gmail.com.

  3. I forgot to add my notification in case you reply here. I am hoping you haven't sold it yet. :-)

  4. Sorry for the delay! Just emailed you. :)